the lml organization

OUR CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY TEAM is comprised of an array of individuals with diverse backgrounds who are determined and committed to giving each and every project their all. Talented people are our greatest resource and we work hard to identify, attract, and retain the finest personnel. With our unique training and motivational programs, we enable our team members to have continued growth and development that rivals the best in the business.

Positive attitudes supported by a process that applies the right talents at the right time produce a high level of efficiency. The members of our engineering team are results-oriented people who bring a sincere interest in giving you, the customer, the benefit of their talents and experience.

Active involvement by top management is an important advantage of the LML Automated Systems approach. Our senior engineers are the nucleus of every project and will remain actively involved and accessible from project conception to completion. In addition to our team members, LML uses subcontractors and suppliers we know and respect. The result is quality engineering and timely completion on even the most ambitious projects.

corporate philosophy

CLIENT SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 PRIORITY. We believe "service-to-the-customer" is a real and worthy mission. This philosophy requires a clear understanding of our client's business and their particular needs. Consistent quality and professional service are crucial components at LML Automated Systems that allow us to meet customer demands and earn their trust for the most challenging work.

Our capable and dedicated employees are our most valuable assets. We seek to provide an environment of respect and dignity along with opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment to each individual. Here at LML, we promote leadership in everything we do. From developing and applying technology to providing innovative services, LML continuously aims to improve the communities and industries in which we live and work.

The bedrock of our long-term success is integrity. When practiced by every member of our firm, integrity translates into an absolute commitment to the client's best interest. This commitment demands that we say what we mean and do what we say. We will deliver.

We greatly value the reputation that has been built as a result of this corporate culture and appreciate the efforts from all those who have contributed to our company's success. We hope that we have given you some insight about LML and look forward to helping you with your future project and engineering needs.